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Jelly Spa pedicure with aromatherapy & gel

This pedicure is truly a unique spa experience, the Jelly spa turns warm water into a luxurious enveloping and spongy comfort that retains heat 4 times more than normal, opens pores, provides relief for tired feet and maximum sore muscles helping to promote blood circulation, its texture when in contact with the feet simulates sea sand which makes it extremely relaxing and stimulating water, contains ingredients such as natural collagen, vitamin C, Oils and aroma of your choice. (Oatmeal and honey, green tea, grapefruit and rose extract)

Includes foot soak in Jelly Spa, nail trimming, nail filing, nail edge cleaning, cuticle cleaning, nail polishing, exfoliation, cleaning with a pomex stone on the soles of the feet to remove calluses, roughness and dead skin, relaxing massage and sealing gel with lamp of your choice.

1 hour.


Pay a deposit of $20.00 per item